Heart of Texas

Literally "deep in the heart of Texas," Wulff Cedar Creek Ranch also features a significant state landmark. Within hiking distance of the lodge, a black granite monument was dedicated in 1997 by the Texas Society of Professional Surveyors marking the geographic center of the state.

A roadside historical marker five miles to the southwest, off State Highway 377, informs motorists that the state of Texas covers 267,339 square miles (7.4 percent of the nation's total). It also says that the geographic center of Texas is 437 miles from the state's westernmost point, 412 miles from its northernmost, 401 miles from the southernmost and 341 miles from its most easterly point.

Midway between Brady and Brownwood, Wulff Cedar Creek Ranch offers convenient access to major towns and cities while being secluded enough to provide unforgettable views, sunsets and starry nights. Travel time by car from Dallas is approximately four hours, from Fort Worth three and a half, from Houston five and from Austin and San Antonio three.

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